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Our simplified process to an uncontested divorce.

At each step of the way, our mediators are committed to ensuring that the divorce process is smooth and amicable. We work together to facilitate productive communication and empower both parties to make informed decisions that will help them move forward with their lives.


Our Mediation Coordinator will provide you a brief overview of the mediation process and will complete a short intake with each party separately to determine if mediation is a good fit for your situation. The Coordinator will then schedule your first session.


You will receive an email confirmation of your appointment, as well as a packet which will help you gather the information you will need to have a successful and efficient mediation experience.


You and your spouse will meet with the mediator in a series of sessions as needed to settle the issues related to your divorce, from your current circumstances to your desired outcomes. We would identify the items on which you disagree, and discuss everyone’s positions, needs and wants, as well as any other relevant information needed for a full understanding of the situation. Once you both feel fully informed, we will start problem solving and generate options that can work for both of you.

Isaac Gruenebaum divorce mediator at concord mediation in a mediation session with a couple who are getting a divorce


 After each session, both parties will receive a mediation summary of everything that was discussed, all agreed-upon terms and those which will need further discussion, as well as any additional information to be provided or actions to be done before the next session.


Once an agreement has been finalized, the mediator will draft the Memorandum of Understanding outlining the settlement terms. Your attorney will use this document to prepare the legal paperwork necessary to finalize your divorce. (If you do not have an attorney, we can refer you to one).

Clients in divorce mediation at concord mediation in suffern new york signing their final agreement


 After your attorney has finished drafting the divorce papers, you and your spouse will meet with the mediator to review and sign them, at which point it will be ready for your attorney to file with the court. (For Jewish couples we can coordinate the signing of your divorce together with the Get).

This is a general outline, and the specific process will depend on the mediator, the parties, and the issues involved in the divorce. The goal of mediation is to provide a flexible, client-centered process that empowers parties to make informed decisions and reach agreements that work for both of them.

Secure the outcome you want with Concord Mediation Group.