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Divorce mediation for

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We assist couples in reaching a mutual agreement during
the divorce process, from beginning to end.


Statistics show that mediation allows disputants to settle their issues 75% faster than litigation. Parties are motivated to reach an agreement, control the timeline, and are not forced to wait months for court hearings.


Only one professional is involved, and the process is solutions-driven, which makes the cost of resolving the dispute much lower with mediation than litigation.


The nature of the legal system positions the parties as adversaries. Mediation encourages parties to work cooperatively to reach the best resolution for everyone, resulting in “win-win” outcomes instead of “win-lose.”

Divorce is painful, the process shouldn't be.

Divorce can include bitter arguments and drawn-out legal proceedings. It can be a fight that ends with outsiders determining a family’s future. Often, the adversarial nature of the legal system irreparably destroys families. It doesn’t have to be that way. Our mediation team focuses on ensuring that the divorce process is smooth and amicable. By working together to address both parties’ needs, we can find mutually beneficial solutions to all the issues.

Let us guide you through this process.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a voluntary process that helps couples reach a jointly beneficial agreement on all divorce issues. The mediator is introduced as a neutral third party whose job is to facilitate essential conversations between couples. Using solutions-driven techniques, the mediator works with both parties to craft a comprehensive plan that accommodates everyone’s needs and interests.

Yitzchak Gruenebaum mediator at concord mediation in suffern new york in a mediation session with clients
a couple deciding to go to concord mediation because of their disagreements and interest in getting a divorce

Who is divorce mediation for?

Divorce mediation is for those who wish to maintain peace throughout the divorce process while securing a fair outcome. Mediation empowers couples to reach amicable solutions by eliminating the contentious dynamic that often surrounds divorce. This method especially benefits couples who want to lay the groundwork for collaborative, long-term parenting.

What issues does mediation solve?

A mediator helps resolve all issues that may arise, including:

    • Division of assets and debt
    • Co-parenting plan
    • Parenting time
    • Maintenance and child support
a couple at concord mediation reviewing their divorce agreements

Meet the Team

Isaac Gruenebaum

Founder - Mediator

Hon. Robert Berliner

Senior Mediator

Hon. William Warren

Senior Mediator

Karen Medina

Mediation Coordinator


“If you want a mediator who will prioritize you and your family, go with Isaac.”

Rachel Pomona

“When you work with Isaac, you can be confident that things will be settled in an amicable way.”

Tzvi Monsey

“We came up with terms that everyone could agree on, and I received my get.”

Suri Brooklyn

Don’t let your divorce end in a messy fight. Choose a peaceful resolution.

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